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Discover your true Strength & Potential

Meet Lisette

Lisette Lee Baca has 20+ years as a

Leading Expert in the Health Wellness & Fitness Industry.

Owner of Mystic Soul Health & Fitness,

Los Angeles, California 


Certified Fitness Specialist

Transformational Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Strength Trainer 


A Guide in Strength, Vitality and

Higher Consciousness with an extensive background in Exercise Science, Strength Training, Meditation, Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy/Spirituality; combining a unique form of

Expertise in integrating Balance of the

Body Mind & Spirit Connection.

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Beliefs Create Reality


Before something NEW can be attracted into our Experience, we need to shift the Perception of Self and the BELIEFS about feeling Worthy and Deserving of having what it is that we want.

Visualization and Positive Emotions help to Build and Strengthen NEW BELIEFS.

Beliefs affect how easily and quickly we Manifest our Desires.

As we begin to place attention on

NEW POSITIVE BELIEFS, old outdated programs are released that no longer serve our Highest Good.

POWER & STRENGTH live within Choice.

To consciously choose the thoughts, beliefs, concepts and images we want, we then Create an Abundant Life filled with Radiant Health, Well Being and profound, lasting Positive Change.

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Mystic Soul Health and Fitness
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